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New Crypto ICO Nears 50000 in Presales After Pepe Token Whale Buys Big
The new BEP-20 token, Bitnance (BTN), launched its presale officially less than 7 days ago. Though the new crypto ICO’s website has been up longer, the brand started the countdown…

The new BEP-20 token, Bitnance (BTN), launched its presale officially less than 7 days ago. Though the new crypto ICO’s website has been up longer, the brand started the countdown clock last week. And it appears one Pepe token holder was watching closely as the crypto whale bought $12000 [USD] of Bitnance, pushing the presale near 50,000 tokens presold.

What is Bitnance Token?

The new presale is for a new digital store-of-value asset — $BTN.

Officially named the Bitnance cryptocurrency, the new token is a unique project that will be a hybrid of both Bitcoin and Binance-blockchain’s best technologies. In fact, the new token will even have a lower total token supply than its rival $BTC, making it more scarce to own than the ‘original cryptocurrency.’

Bitnance has an internal design and plan that aims to keep the token going up in value, alongside popularity. As more people move away from fiat currency due to global inflation, owning a Bitnance will become more attractive to traders and normal consumers as it makes positive ROI gains for those holding the digital currency asset.

Like Bitcoin, But Lesser Trading Fees on Binance Blockchain

This rapidly growing new bep-20 token also helps the Binance ecosystem as a whole. It offers a store of value assets like Bitcoin but without the Bitcoin-blockchain fees.

Bitcoin-blockchain averages a massive $32 fee per transaction; including buy, sell, or swap.


Bitnance (BTN) will operate on a much faster blockchain but cover traders a much lesser transaction fee. It’s expected that the new SOV token will cost cryptocurrency holders under 14-cents to buy, sell, or swap it.

Fully Decentralized Cryptocurrency

Outside of the fees, the $BTN coin has one other quality that’s noteworthy. It will be fully decentralized with no ownership and a fair buying opportunity for 100% of the total token supply.

In layman’s terms, unlike Bitcoin, the Binance-Chain’s new BTC alternative will make sure 100% of the tokens minted are sold at fair market price. No owner nor developers are to be given a token free.

How many Bitcoins will be Minted?

As highlighted by the founder of a popular ERC-20 token in recent months, Bitcoin’s founder Satoshi Nakamoto kept 1-million of Bitcoin’s 21-million TTS for himself. The coins are said to have been hidden in ‘stash’ wallets that were found by top-level cryptocurrency auditors.

How Much Is Satoshi Nakamoto Worth?

The astounding amount of coins held by Satoshi would be worth a whopping $69-billion-dollars at today’s Bitcoin value. And what makes this bad for the market is that every token that Nakamoto liquidates means a real investor or investors would have to lose $69,000 of their real investment.

Satoshi never invested; He simply kept tokens for himself that he can cash out now that 400-million are using his digital currency creation.

None of these types of Losses for Investors

Binance-Chain’s new alternative to Bitcoin will have no ‘loss’ category derived from such centralized ownership. Instead, the tokenomics of the project indicate that Bitnance (BTN) will be created by paid professionals, who will be hired and paid properly to materialize the project vision at a set rate. After completion, all tokens will be released to buyers on equal opportunity platforms.

The initial stage of the Bitnance token presale is already live []. The ICO allows buyers to purchase the new cryptocurrency for $0.357 per token.

After the close of the initial coin offering in 176 days, the token will then be launched on a public crypto exchange. That listing will make the $BTN token available to Binance crypto exchange’s 140-million users and more.

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